Get Out by Bail

Get Out by BailThe bail system is a little different from other countries. Instead of twiddling your thumbs waiting for someone to pay bail for your release until a trial, you can easily avoid arrest in the first place. Many people do not go to jail until they have been convicted. This often includes a judge or police officer giving a summons order to appear at court on a certain date. These are known as “appearance notices.” Even those in jail can easily get out with only a minimal amount of bail money.

Get Out by Parole

Get Out by ParoleIf you have been convicted and put away for a certain time period, you can potentially obtain parole after you have served 1/3 of your sentence time. You will appear before a parole board who will determine your worthiness to get out of jail. Some felons go through a day parole program, where they are out during the day, but return at night. Some felons are released on the expectation of regular meetings with a parole officer. However, you are not guaranteed parole at any time.

Get an Early Release

Get an Early ReleaseIf you are facing jail time, there are many ways to easily avoid that. These typically all involve the time before you are convicted of a crime. As discussed before, getting a summons order can help you easily avoid extended jail time before trial. All people who were arrested must appear before a judge in 24 hours or as quickly as can be expected. The judge might not exercise a right of release because of many reasons. Learn more about how to escape cooling your heels in jail before trial.